Sharing Your Plan

The sharing tab offers tools that enable you to share your work with others. You can allow others access to a static copy of your plan so that they can view it and create their own plans using it in part or full, you can export the plan so that it can be loaded into other redistricting software, such as those used by official redistricting authorities, and you can score your plan for inclusion on the leaderboards.

Sharing Plans

To share a copy of your plan for others to view and incorporate into their own plans, simply give your plan a new name and click the "Save and Share" button. The created plan is a static copy, meaning that it cannot be edited. This is to allow other users to note exactly what plan they may have used as a starting point for their own mapping or to copy over a district from another plan.

When you share a plan, it is visible to all other users, both for people who have established account and for anonymous users.

Other Users Accessing Your Plan

When you share your plan, others will be able to use the Step 1: Plan menu to make a copy of your plan so that they may edit it themselves. Other users will also be able to copy one or more districts into their plan using the copy and paste feature available in the Step 2: Plan tools.

Guest User Access and Linking to Your Plan from an External Website

All Guest Users have access to Template and Shared Plans.

Furthermore, when you share your plan, you will be given a URL that you can use to point others to your plan. If you forget your plan's URL, you can find it again by logging in as a guest and viewing your shared plan. The URL given in your web browser will be the URL that you can post elsewhere to give people direct access to your plan. A person following the URL will be able to see the plan, and will be otherwise treated as a guest, which will allow them to browse other shared plans, use the evaluation tools, and view the leaderboards.

Plan Export

You can export your plan a format commonly used by other redistricting software by clicking on the Request File button. It may take a few minutes to generate the file if this is the first time you have requested it. For more information, please see the description of this feature in the Step 1: Plan documentation.

Verify and Post Plans to Leaderboards

The leaderboards rank verified plans as to how well they achieve certain criteria determined by the administrator.

Plan Verification

In order for your plan to be compared to other plans, it must be a valid plan. By valid, we mean the plan must...

To verify your plan, click the "Verify and Submit Plan" button. It may take a few minutes for the software to verify your plan. If your plan is not verified, you will receive an error message telling you what criteria you may have failed.

One you have verified a plan, it will lose its verified status if you make any edits to it.


The leaderboards allow you to compare plans that others have verified with your verified plans. The administrator will determine which statistics to score plans on. The available leaderboards may depend on certain goals that are constitutionally required by a state or are part of a contest. The leaderboards may include one or more of the following criteria:

Top Ranked Users' Plans

By default, the leaderboards show the top ranked verified plans. Displayed for each plan is the

My Ranked Plans

If you have an exemplary map, perhaps it will appear in the rankings compared to other users' plans. If not, you can still see the scores for your plans. To do so, click the "My Ranked Plans" button and you will see scores for only the plans that you have verified.