Evaluating Your Plan

The Step 3: Evaluate tab allows you to generate a statistics report for the currently selected map. The BARD engine, written in the R statistical programming language, is the District Builder evaluation engine. BARD is an approved R module that can be automatically installed in that software and the source code is available on Source Forge. R is a commonly used freeware open-source program. If we are not reporting something that you would like to see reported, we welcome contributions to the BARD open-source project.

Selecting Statistics for Reporting

When first entering the Step 3: Evaluate tab, you will be presented with a number of check boxes associated with various available statistics that the software will generate for you. The available statistics and their behavior are set by the software administrator. Typically, these statistics will include the following information, which is included in the database underlying the software. We describe these data and their significance for creating legal redistricting plans in more detail here.

Generating a Report

Once you have selected the statistics you wish to generate for your report, click the "Create and Preview Report" button. Reports are computationally intensive, so they may take a while, especially if there are a large number of users drawing maps. For this reason, please use the evaluation reports sparingly. You will see the message "Please wait while your report is created. This will take a few minutes." while the software calculates the requested statistics. You may not take other actions until the software finishes creating your report.

Completed Report

Once your report is complete, you have two choices how to view these statistics.

Tip: you can copy and paste these statistics into a program such as Excel by selecting the statistics you wish to copy, using the browser copy function, and pasting into the other software. For Excel, we have discovered that the statistics will be nicely formatted if you select "Paste Special > Unicode Text".