Logging In

Logging In

Creating a User Account

We support three types of users: those who want to create maps, those who simply want to view others' maps, and those who have administrative privileges to manage the web site. If you want to create maps, you must create an account.

If the website administrators have enabled open access to the software, here are the steps that you need to take to establish an account. If they have not enabled open access, they may require that you request that they create an account for you.

Anonymous Users

If you do not wish to create an account, you may view and evaluate plans shared by others. You will not be able to edit these plans. You can paste the URL of a plan that you are viewing as an anonymous user into a blog post or website to direct others to take a look at the plan. You may also want to have an anonymous plan open to view another plan, such as the current plan, so you can quickly compare what you are doing with another plan by switching windows.

To view plans as an anonymous user:

Administrator Users

Administrators may access administrative functions by logging in as an administrator.

Maximum Number of Users

Map editing is is computationally intensive and places a lot of demand on the web server. To ensure that users have a good experience when they are mapping, we limit the number of users that can draw maps at any one time. If that the limit is exceeded, you will receive a message asking you to try logging in later.