Florida Releases A Public Mapping Tool

Post date: Dec 29, 2010 7:41:39 PM

The Florida State House has publicly released an Alpha version of a public mapping tool that their legislative support staff have created -- independent from our project. We applaud the Florida House on their efforts to increase public participation in redistricting and to make the process more transparent. This tool is specifically designed to work with Florida data, so it cannot be applied to other states. Still, with the passage of redistricting reform measures in Florida that establish criteria for drawing districts, the ability for the public to draw maps and to submit them to the Florida State House for consideration is an exciting development.

From Bob West, Policy Chief of the Florida House of Representatives Redistricting Committee:

Also, we’re up and running on Facebook and Twitter, so please feel free to stop by and also let us know how we can follow your redistricting efforts.

If you have never logged onto MyDistrictBuilder previously, you may be prompted to downloaded the most recent version of Microsoft Silverlight.  Additionally, you will be asked to dedicate storage space in the isolated storage of your computer for any district plans that you may build.  Again, please note that this site remains in development.  Currently, MyDistrictBuilder is using 2000 Census data and pre-2002 elections and voter registration information.