Educational Materials

Redistricting Educational Materials

Redistricting plans must satisfy numerous legal requirements. Our goal here is to educate you on how to draw legal districts so that you may successfully use our software.

The Legal Requirements

An excellent detailed review of redistricting processes and rules is the The Brennan Center for Justice at New York University School of Law's comprehensive Citizen's Guide to Redistricting explains the various processes and criteria that govern redistricting across the fifty states.

Another excellent resource to get up to speed about redistricting issues is the Gerrymandering documentary film. The film lays out the pathologies of partisan gerrymandering whereby districts are drawn to favor politicians, not the public. The DVD version has been released. See the Gerrymandering firm website for ordering information.

We provide information here on the following topics (please bear with us as we continue to add content):

District Builder User Guide

A rudimentary user guide for the District Builder software.