Who We Areā€¦

The Public Mapping Project is comprised of a coalition of people who believe that democracy works best when the public is engaged. The software development is guided by principles for transparency and public participation in redistricting articulated by our advisory board. We describe the project's concept in a Washington Post opinion editorial.

Principal Investigators

The principal investigators of the project are Dr. Michael McDonald and Dr. Micah Altman.

Dr. Michael P. McDonald Associate Professor, George Mason University; non-resident Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution
Dr. Micah Altman Senior Research Scientist, Harvard University; non-resident Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution

Software Development

Azavea, an Philadelphia-based software design company, specializes in the creation of geographic web and mobile software, as well as geospatial analysis services to enhance decision-making. The project development team consists of

Robert Cheetham President, Azavea
Abby Fretz Project Manager, Azavea
Andrew Jennings Programmer, Azavea
David Zwarg Programmer, Azavea

As an open-source project, we are indebted to the numerous people who have contributed to the open-source tools we use. We have been fortunate to work with people from around the globe.

Advisory Board

Our advisory board includes representation from persons affiliated with both major political parties, non-profit organizations interested in redistricting reform and voting rights, and persons affiliated with official government redistricting authorities.

Mike Fortner Illinois state Representative, 95th District
Carling Dinkler John Tanner's office, Tennessee 8th Congressional District
Mary Wilson Past President, League of Women Voters
Derek Cressman Western Regional Director of State Operations, Common Cause
Anthony Fairfax President, Census Channel
Kimball Brace
President, Election Data Services
Gerry Hebert Executive Director, Campaign Legal Center and Americans for Redistricting Reform
Leah Rush Executive Director, Midwest Democracy Network
Nancy Bekavac Director, Scientists and Engineers for America
Karin Mac Donald Director, Statewide Database, Institute for Government Studies, University of California, Berkeley
Thomas E. Mann Senior Fellow, The Brookings Institution
Norman J. Ornstein Senior Fellow, The American Enterprise Institute

Funding Support

The Public Mapping Project is supported by grants from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to George Mason University and to the Brookings Institution and the American Enterprise Institute.